“Those, who are fortunate and whose demerits have vanished, take to My worship. If you always say “Sai, Sai”, I shall take you over the seven seas believe in these words, and you will be certainly benefited. I do not need any paraphernalia of worship- either eight fold or sixteen- fold. I rest there, where there is full devotion.” Shri Sai Nath of Shirdi
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Meaning of Twelve Houses in Vedic Astrology
The first house signifies personality, body, environment at birth and other physical aspects. The lagna rules over the head and the face and determines the degree of activity or repression of the individual. .... More  

I think I have lots of blessings of God, otherwise I would not enter your site. Your articles are very very nice. I am in awe of reading them. I will try to contact you soon....
NVS Prakasam ¦ ¦ India ¦ ¦ 5/15/2010
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