Can Aspect of Jupiter on Seventh House Save Karisma Kapoor’s Marriage?
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Articles Can Aspect of Jupiter on Seventh House Save Karisma Kapoor’s Marriage?

The possibility of divorce has again surfaced in the married life of Karisma Kapoor as per the coverage in the print media. She has been a leading Bollywood actress. Her marriage has remained strained with Delhi-based industrialist Sunjay Kapur. Divorce possibilities have repeatedly appeared in the past also. It appears that her marriage is ridden with problems.

Karisma Kapoor has become the mother of two children from this marriage. The first child was born in 2005 and the second child was born in March this year. Talks about possible breakup were in the media even after the birth of the first child. However, reasoning prevailed and marriage remained safe.

Reports of marital discord and chances of filing a fresh divorce petition are in the news again after the birth of the second child. The horoscope points towards some affliction due to which matrimonial discord may appear powerfully after childbirth. We will make an analysis of her horoscope to find out the future of this marriage. Karisma Kapoor was born on 25th June 1974. The planetary placements at the time of birth are given below:-

- The “lagna” (ascendant) rising is Aries.
- Venus and “Ketu” are placed in the second house.
- Sun, Mercury and Saturn are placed in the third house.
- Mars is placed in debilitation in the fourth house.
- Moon is placed in the fifth house.
- “Rahu” is placed in the eighth house.
- Jupiter is placed in the eleventh house.

The seventh house receives the malefic aspect of debilitated Mars. The seventh lord is afflicted by “Ketu”. The seventh house and the seventh lord of the “Navamsha” (divisional chart for marriage) are also afflicted. Placement of Mars in the fourth house also makes her “Manglik” which is magnifying the marital discord.

The only silver lining that can save the marriage is the aspect of Jupiter on the seventh house. In Vedic astrology Jupiter is called Guru. A single aspect of Jupiter can destroy afflictions in the horoscope. More so in this case, as Jupiter is free from afflictions and is placed in the seventh house from Moon.

Jupiter also refers to wisdom and child. Children may be important criteria to hold the couple together. They may not be able to part ways easily. Eventually, they may have to forego their individual ego and may have to make a compromise and live together for the better future of their children.

The placement of “Rahu” in the eighth house has retriggered marital discord right now. Situation may improve after Jupiter transits into Libra sign from May 2011. The immediate necessity should be to attempt reconciliation. Role of arbitrators, friends and family members will be crucial to help the couple resolve their differences. The couple should also seek the grace of Guru. They can plan a trip to Shirdi and pray to Sadguru for spiritual help.

Written by: Anand Sagar Pathak
Dated: 11th December 2010