Mamta Banerjee- The Main Focus
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Articles Mamta Banerjee- The Main Focus

Mamta Banerjee was born on 5th January 1955 at Calcutta in West Bengal. She is the founder and chief executive of Trinamool Congress. She is noted for her opposition to Special Economic Zones and industrialization at the cost of agriculture and agricultural laborers.

West Bengal is under the rule of the left front government from about 30 years and Mamta Banerjee is waging a relentless battle against the government since then. Trinamool had only one seat in the last Lok Sabha but her fortunes improved dramatically in the 2009 parliamentary elections. Her party Trinamool Congress in alliance with the Indian National Congress and SUCI made a huge dent in the left dominated West Bengal.

Trinamool congress performed well in the parliamentary election, bagging 19 MP seats. This was the best performance by any opposition party in West Bengal since start of left regime. Till date the congress victory of 16 seats in 1984 on sympathy vote after the assassination of Mrs. Indira Gandhi, was considered the best opposition show.

As a railway minister Mamta Banerjee presented her first budget in 2000 under the Prime Minister ship of Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee. In it she fulfilled many of the promises to her home state. She introduced 19 new trains from 2000-2001 fiscal year. But, the focus was mainly on West Bengal

Saturn is right now transiting from the 4th house from the natal Moon in her natal horoscope. Jupiter is transiting from the 10th house, indicating that even though she has got the railway ministry by her excellently good performance in the 2009 parliamentary election; her heart is still in the electoral politics of West Bengal. She may be eyeing to overthrow the left front government for which a final push is required because the government and the party in West Bengal has suffered a series of reverses. The Chief Minister-ship of West Bengal may be her main agenda.

The transit of Jupiter and Saturn are both influencing the 10th house from her natal Moon. This indicates that the electoral fortune for her will be good even in the assembly elections of West Bengal. Hence, it is likely that Mamta Banerjee will use the portfolio of Ministry of Railways to give sops to West Bengal to further her electoral prospects.

Saturn is the yogakaraka planet from her rashi. This connects Mamta Banerjee to the poor and grass root politics. Hence, her stint as a railway minister and the railway budget is likely to bring good schemes for poor people. Railway Ministry will not only be treated as a profit making organization, it will also be used to help upliftment of masses by providing them with cheap means of transport and more travel facilities. The schemes for youth and for the poor people having an income of less than Rs 1,500/- per month are in the same category.

The railways have been performing well for the last few years with lots of surplus created every year. The surpluses may be affected by the implementation of the 6th pay panel awards. But, this is not the headache of the railway minister. She has not increased passenger fares and freight charges. However, the railway minister should focus on increasing the length of the railway system across the country. The length has remained almost stagnant from the time the British left the country in 1947. She needs to focus her eyes on the entire nation because development of infrastructure is urgently needed. She is a minister of the leading infrastructure sector of the country.
Written by: Anand Sagar Pathak
Dated: 5th July 2009